Meet the Crew

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Darren Charrier

CEO & Co-Founder

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Faris Hamdi

CTO & Co-Founder

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Harley Norton

Director of Mission Design

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Pavandeep Purewal

Software Engineer

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Alexander Pearson-Goulart

Software Engineer

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Vincent Cannalla

Software Engineer

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Colin Casazza

Software Engineer

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Kellie Higa

Software Engineer

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Heather Dewis


Advisors and Mentors

Dan Hendricks


Silvia Mah, Ph.D

Ad Astra Ventures

Ellen Chang


Andy Bair


Ted Hengst

Sway Ventures & Nex3

Clifton McLellan


Benjamin Lenoir




Voyager Space Technologies, Inc has developed an intelligent design management platform, that allows engineers to use their preferred software packages and model their entire system in one place for a single source of truth. Using these models, engineers are able to perform rapid component trade studies, with our artificially intelligent system giving engineers deep insights into possible ways to optimize the system.

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