Satellite Design


All your designs in one place.

SatBuilder is the fastest way for engineers to connect analyses, track requirements, and make design decisions

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Models Based Systems Engineering

Connecting analyses across entire teams.

Upload, create, and share models across your team so you can rapidly iterate over product designs

Requirements Tracker

Real-time Design Decisions.

A dynamic list of requirements and system performance indicators create contextual awareness within the team, allowing you to make quick design decisions

Project Collaboration Image
Project Collaboration Image
Integrated Database

Information at your fingertips.

A database of parts, models, and template designs help you find the information you need so you can spend more time focusing on your mission

Key Features

Space Grade Component Database
Spacecraft Configuration Management
Component Interface Compatibility Checker
Systems Budgets
(Link, Power, & Mass)
Mission ConOps Designer

ROM Cost Estimates

Mission & Component Requirement Tracking
Team Collaboration

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