making in-orbit satellite station-keeping and servicing a reality


Satellite  servicing

Voyager Space Technologies, Inc is producing a versatile modular spacecraft that is able to perform orbital station-keeping maneuvers for communication satellites. Our goal is to extend the lifetime of our customers' satellites, thus saving their investment. When a satellite company books our service with Tardigrade, they pay the upfront cost of the development of the spacecraft followed by a monthly flat rate for the service of stationkeeping. The average communications satellite creates over $100,000,000 in profit each year, which is roughly $8,000,000 in profit a month. We ask a fraction of that returned $8,000,000 monthly profit, which would normally go entirely to funding the next multi-million dollar satellite.


Satellites in Orbit

Mission & Strategy

Our company's mission is to make space simple and accessible. By building a modular spacecraft, we want to explore with agility different market segments. The strategy is to first secure a strong position in the satellite servicing market thanks to station-keeping in order to grow horizontally later on.